General recommendations – packing instructions

Dear madam/Dear sir,

to prevent damage of your appliance during transport to the service, please respect following rules when you will preparing your product for transporting:

  • Your product have to be packed in adequat packing before transport – cardboard box that corresponds to the size and weight of your product ( if you are using the original packing box, please wrap it in layers of opaque papers on which can be stick shipping label without possibility of damage original packing
  • It is necessery to mark your box with sign „FRAGILE“ and also with file number
  • If it is a product which have to be transported in a single predetermited position, mark the package with sign „KEEP IT UPRIGHT“ and with label /symbols/ of arrows pointing upwards
  • For safe transport of particulary sensitive equipment eg. TV sets, mobile phones, tablets, laptops and others wrap the product in sufficient layer of soft foam or buble wrap and secure the edges and corners of the product. We recommend packed the product into the original box with polystyren protection against damage or into a large box which you can fill with materials which will ensure your product before shifting and damage during transport
  • For transport products with irregular shape (blender, beater, iron, lawnmower) is necessery to ensure the product package so that the box covered whole product to avoid damage of product when it is moving on a roller

    In your own interest pay particular attention to the safe packaging of your product before transport. In the event of damage during transport equipment and transported products will be proven wrong or insufficiently packed, subsequent product damage claims will not be accepted.

    The above proposed packaging instructions are only general, and we recommend that you follow the instructions of the carrier. In case of discrepancy of our general instructions with the instructions of the particular carrier, always follow the instructions of the particular carrier.

    On the diagram below diagram is an example of correct device packaging before transport:

    Thank you for your attention to preparing your device for safe transport.